The Captain

Captain Jim Steel is a U.S. Coast Guard Master Captain.  Jim began fishing and hunting as a child and his passion for the outdoors has continued ever since.   The captain and crew members all take special pride in helping to fulfill the fishing dreams of both beginner and experienced anglers. The combined knowledge and experience of the crew helps people of all ages to experience fishing excitement.   He proudly donates his time and services to local charities. 

Jim & Diane Steel are also the founders of Innovative Outdoors.  They created the company as a way to take their personal passion for the outdoors to a new level. With a focus on selling and promoting new products that enhance the enjoyment of hunting & fishing, Innovative Outdoors is also committed to offering its customers a wide range of tested and proven products.  You can shop online at their website

Jim has been hunting and fishing for over 30 years and feels a personal drive to share his enjoyment as well as the skills and traditions he has learned. One of the most important aspects of hunting and fishing is the way these activities bring together people of all ages and walks of life. Jim has been sharing his passion for the outdoors with his wife, Diane and their daughters, for quite some time.